Triple Action Energy

Triple Action Energy

120 count
Price: $49.95

  • Triple Action Energy is a safe all natural formula that provides consistent energy all day long. Unfortunately, most foods consumed these days are processed and simply don't contain the nutrients our bodies need to properly convert food into energy. It is a specially formulated supplement that supports energy, mood and brain health. 

    Triple Action Energy combines effective amounts of B-Vitamins, essential Amino Acids, herbs and Green Tea, creating a natural production of energy by performing three main tasks: 
    1. Converting the carbohydrates, fat, and proteins from your daily diet into metabolic energy.
    2. Boosting your metabolism while suppressing your appetite.
    3. Improving mental energy and clarity allowing you to stay sharp and focused throughout your busy day.
  • "I just love your Triple Action Energy formula! I have a very hectic schedule between working full time and raising two children. I first started taking Triple Action just so I could get through my day without feeling exhausted. During this time, I committed to run a half marathon to raise money for charity. Thanks to Triple Action, I have more energy and stamina during my long runs. Because of my training and Triple Action, I know I’m going to cross the finish line! Thank you." 
    -Wendy H., Maine
  • How does Triple Action Energy work?

    Triple Action Energy produces consistent natural energy by performing three main actions in the body; converting carbohydrates, proteins, and fats from the food you eat into energy; boosting your metabolism; and providing mental clarity and balance. It is a unique formulation that supports your energy, mood and brain.

    What is in Triple Action Energy?

    Triple Action Energy combines high levels of 2 key B-Vitamins with a special amino acid formulation and herbs with green tea.

    Does Triple Action Energy contain caffeine?

    The green tea in Triple Action Energy is decaffeinated. So you get all the benefits of green tea without the effects of caffeine.

    Will Triple Action Energy make it difficult to fall asleep at night?

    No, in fact we've actually had people comment that their sleep has improved due to a more balanced energy level throughout the day and that they weren't as mentally exhausted at the end of the day.

    Will Triple Action Energy cause that uneasy jittery feeling?

    No. Triple Action Energy was specifically designed NOT to cause the jittery feelings commonly associated with the energy crash produced by most other energy-boosting products. Triple Action Energy provides you with the consistent energy you need all day long.

    Is Triple Action Energy safe and can it be taken in conjunction with other supplements and medications?

    Triple Action Energy is safe because it is all-natural formula. It can be taken safely and effectively with other supplements. However, you should always consult your physician or pharmacist before taking any supplement with your prescription medications or if you have any pre-existing medical conditions.

    What is the suggested daily serving?

    Take four capsules daily with or without food. The capsules can be taken together in the morning or you can take two in the morning and two around mid-day.