Conquer HA

Conquer HA

60 count
Price: $39.95

  • Conquer HA® is the purest, most effective Hyaluronic Acid (HA) formula on the market. HA is the lubricating factor in the body. It lubricates joints, reduces friction, increases flexibility and range of motion and helps supply nutrients to cartilage. HA has been shown to alleviate minor aches and pains associated with daily activities. Conquer HA® comes in an easy-to-swallow softgel. 
  • "I was on the verge of walking with a cane. I have never bought anything from television until Conquer HA®. Conquer HA® is exactly as advertised!" 
    - Jack B., Florida

    "It has eliminated the popping and cracking of my joints!" 
    - Melissa C.

    "I'm 74 and have been taking Conquer HA® for five years now. It is the best joint supplement on the market; the joints in my hands have never felt so good. I will continue to take Conquer HA® every day. Thank you!" 
    - Robert M., Rhode Island
  • What makes Conquer HA® the best oral supplement on the market? 

    First, Conquer HA® products contain the only the purest, highest quality HA. In addition to that, we put the ingredients in a softgel form that is easy for your body to absorb. Via our softgel, Conquer HA® is able to achieve the optimum molecular weight necessary for maximum oral absorption and effectiveness. 

    Conquer HA® is a patented product, pharmaceutical-grade supplement that is manufactured in a FDA-inspected plant in accordance with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). There are no known side effects and Conquer HA® is backed by a 100% 90-day, money-back guarantee (less S&H). 

    Who should take Conquer HA®? 

    Since HA decreases with age or following injury, people of all ages who want to maintain an active lifestyle can benefit from taking Conquer HA® daily. It’s formulated to support cartilage, ligaments, and tendons while creating healthy, flexible joints. 

    What is the suggested daily serving? 

    The average person should take two softgels daily (total of 60mg) to return to normal, healthy HA levels. It can be taken on an empty or full stomach and with any other supplements. You can take both softgels at the same time. The important thing to remember is that to realize maximum benefits, you need to take Conquer HA® every day. 

    What benefits can I expect to receive from taking Conquer HA®? 

    The most dramatic benefit is improved joint health. HA has a restorative effect on connective tissue, provides lubrication to the joints, improves mobility, flexibility, and joint function. Many people notice that their knees and ankles don’t crack as often as they used to. Some people have also reported softer skin, less fatigue, and better vision. 

    How long before I will notice any of these benefits? 

    Most people who take Conquer HA® on a daily basis experience noticeable improvement within 14 to 21 days. Once relief has been achieved, it is important to continue taking Conquer HA® on a daily basis to prevent symptoms from recurring. 

    Can Conquer HA® be taken in conjunction with chondroitin, glucosamine, MSM or other joint supplements? 

    Yes, these supplements can be taken together. In many cases, there are synergistic effects with these products. In fact, adding HA will help your body use chondroitin and glucosamine more effectively. 

    Is Conquer HA® safe? 

    Yes. Conquer HA® is all natural and has no known side effects. HA occurs naturally and is present in nearly every cell of the human body.